2020 JH Basketball Schedule

2020 JH Basketball Rules

Due to the current public health concerns, all schools competing in our Jr. High School Basketball District have agreed to the following rules for attending Jr. High Basketball Games during the 2020 season.

Each player or cheerleader will only be allowed a TOTAL of 4 people to watch the game. The visiting team will provide the name of the 4 individuals per player to the home team before the game. If your name is not on the list provided by the school district, you will not be able to attend the game. Please check in at the entrance to the gym prior to the game.

All fans attending the game will be required to wear a face mask or shield upon entering the campus and keep it on during the game. Fans not agreeing to wear a face mask or shield will not be allowed to attend the game.

Fans should observe social distancing during the game by spreading out in the bleachers keeping at least 6 feet away from the person next to you.

All home games in Martinsville ISD may be watched live by going to

Concession stands will not be open. Bottled water will be allowed in the gym. No food will be allowed in the gym.

We apologize for any inconvenience these rules may cause. Our primary concern is for everyone’s health and safety while providing our students with the safest possible environment to participate.