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MARTINSVILLE, Texas MISD Announces Additional Campus Safety and Security Improvements

The safety of our students and staff remains our top priority in MISD. During the course of the 2022-2023 school year the following improvements are being planned to improve safety and security:

1. Installation of new security fencing starting at the end of the Administration Building on Hwy. 7 and extending around the entire campus including the softball field, Ag. Shop and back to the existing security gate on Hwy. 95. The fences will be screened in order to eliminate visibility into the campus.

2. Installation of ballistic window film and or ballistic glass to external windows facing Hwy. 7 and Hwy. 95. 3. Installation of new video surveillance cameras with enhanced tracking capability.

4. Improving the existing controlled access magnetic door locking system and installing steel solid-core doors as needed.

5. All employees will have a personal emergency notification device they will keep in their possession at all times. When activated the device will send a 911 call notifying MISD Police, MISD Administration, and all local law enforcement agencies.

6. Increase the number of emergency drills to respond to multiple types of emergencies that could occur on campus. This will include regular checks to ensure doors are being kept closed and locked at all times and functioning properly. Campus staff will also be trained in first aid techniques including CPR and Stop The Bleed procedures. All classrooms and locations throughout the campus will be equipped with first aid kits.

7. Consider the increase of law enforcement services on campus and explore programs that allow select employees to be trained and armed under the School Guardian Program.

8. Adding emergency backup generators that would allow continuous phone and internet service for communications in the event the campus electrical service is disrupted.

9. Consider changing the primary student entrance location and process of student drop off and pick up. (This will not take place until later in the school year and advanced notice will be provided in advance of changes.)

10. Limiting visitors on campus during the school day to only those required to attend meetings with teachers or administrators.

Thanks in advance for your support of these new safety measures. Let’s all work together to keep our campus safe.


David Simmons, Superintendent

The letter can be viewed in PDF form at the link below:

MISD Announces Additional Campus Safety and Security Improvements